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Developer Advocate
Permanent      Salary: £ 50000 - £ 70000
Location: London

Developer Advocate required to foster and build networks with developers, DevOps, engineering managers, account teams and more.


Teaching developers by making video tutorials, writing blog posts about new features and answering questions on Stack Overflow.


The ideal candidate will be a coder who likes talking to other developers, solving technical problems, learning, teaching and building demos or prototypes.


Experience required;

Several years of experience in software development – writing and debugging a lot of code.

Java, Python, Node.js, JavaScript, .NET, Go, C and their related development toolchain.

Cloud technologies such as: AWS, Azure, GCP and their services; Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, OpenShift.

RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, Kafka, TIBCO, IBM MQ or other

Experience with distributed applications and microservices

Excellent public speaking, writing, blogging and content creation skills.

Ideally Bi or Tri-Lingual (English, French, German)

Experience in developer relations and advocacy

JMS, MQTT, AMQP, STOMP, Websockets, rsocket/grpc or other messaging protocols/apis

AsyncAPI, OpenAPI/Swagger and/or API Management Tools

Java frameworks/runtimes such as Spring, Quarkus or Micronaut


What you will be doing;

Working closely with community managers, engineering, marketing and product teams to create and enhance our developer-focused content, participate in our developer community, and provide feedback to continuously improve our technology itself. New and prospective customers and community members will depend on you to help them truly understand platform benefits.

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