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Manual Test Engineer
Permanent      Salary: £ 35000 - £ 38000
Location: Buckingham

Join team as a Manual Test Engineer for GNSS and ADAS products. Your responsibilities include manual testing, process development, regression testing, bug reporting, and customer support.




Conduct regression testing of previously released products and features to validate their ongoing performance.

Identify, replicate, and report bugs to assist in their resolution and ensure product quality.

Utilize familiarity with hardware testing tools such as oscilloscopes, logic analysers, and multimeters to perform hardware-related testing.

Apply expertise in testing high-accuracy GNSS (GPS), data-logging, CAN-Bus, and serial data to ensure precision and reliability.

Leverage experience in testing equipment used in ADAS validation and accreditation, ensuring compliance with safety and performance standards.


Key Skills:

Knowledge and experience in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, including sensor and camera testing.

Ability to assess and improve the usability of products, particularly the user interface (UI).

Skill in conducting regression testing to verify product stability.

Expertise in hands-on testing methods.

Knowledge and experience in testing Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), including GPS.

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