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Senior GNSS Research Scientist (Satellite Positioning)
Permanent      Salary: £ 75000 - £ 100000
Location: Girton

As a member of our GNSS team, you will be at the forefront of driving our technology forward. This role presents abundant prospects for professional advancement spanning research, product development, and software engineering realms.


Key Responsibilities:

Collaborate with the development team to propel the software lifecycle.

Assume ownership of novel research and development initiatives.

Deliver precise technical outcomes and adeptly communicate with both internal and external stakeholders.

Lead and engage in R&D endeavours aimed at enhancing existing products and pioneering new technologies.


Your Experience:

Profound expertise in GNSS measurement engine signal processing.

Strong analytical capabilities utilizing Matlab or equivalent tools.

Thorough comprehension of the complete GNSS signal-processing chain.

Familiarity with synthetic aperture processing and GNSS simulators.

Mastery of Agile development methodologies.

Understanding of Kalman filters and other probabilistic estimation techniques.

Knowledge of multi-sensor fusion techniques, including GNSS-INS tight and deep coupling.

Experience with RTK, PPP, and multi-constellation positioning.


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