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Embedded Systems Engineer
Permanent      Salary: £ 55000 - £ 65000
Location: Oxford

We are looking for a highly proficient Embedded Systems Engineer. The selected candidate will be instrumental in developing core application software architecture and introducing new capabilities. This role offers significant remote work flexibility but also requires some presence at our Yarnton office.

Required Skills

Deep expertise in modern C++ (versions 11 to 20).

Proven experience in designing significant software systems and tackling challenging projects.

Proficiency in STL, Boost, and Python.

Experience with computer vision, sensor fusion, and scientific computing.

Familiarity with OpenGL, Qt or QML, and game engines.


Key Responsibilities:

Develop and improve core application software architecture.

Design APIs, protocols, and plugins for integration with internal and external software and hardware systems.

Work on high-performance algorithms and highly parallel real-time processing frameworks.

Develop tools for testing, analysis, and data visualisation.

Research, design, and present new technologies and innovative approaches

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