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Laboratory Materials Testing Development Engineer
Permanent      Salary: £ 38000 - £ 52000
Location: London

Test Systems Development Engineer required to design and refine novel laboratory materials testing processes for precision engineering applications. If you have a strong engineering background and a passion for developing testing systems this could be the role for you.


Key Skills

Knowledge of laboratory safety standards.

A degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering.

Significant experience with servo hydraulic and servo mechanical machines.

Understanding of various instrumentation types for measuring pressure, flow, and temperature.

Proficiency in low voltage AC and DC circuits and basic electronics.

At least 3 years of experience in a testing-related field.



Design and construct test rigs, fixtures, and laboratory instrumentation.

Perform hands-on mechanical and electrical installation and instrumentation.

Integrate new equipment with existing systems, including mechanical, electrical, and programming tasks.

Apply appropriate design methods and protocols to projects.

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