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Candidate Job Search Details
Technical Illustrator, 3D CAD
9 months      Salary: £ 230 - £ 400

Technical 3D Animation and illustration contractor required to work on 3D CAD content within a team of Technical Authors.
Key skills
Strong technical writing and editing skills with at least two years of technical writing experience.
An understanding of a content management system and working within a structured authoring environment.
An understanding of Simplified Technical English would be useful.
Experience working in an engineering environment and documenting hardware assemblies.
Experience with software such as PhotoShop, Illustrator or Creo to create and edit images.
Good organizational and interpersonal skills to manage the flow of information from contributors and reviewers.
Strong team player with excellent communication skills.
Strong attention to detail, with an eye for improving existing work.
Self-starter, independent, fast learner, can-do attitude, and great interpersonal skills to help us create great user documentation.

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