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Firmware Design Engineer
Permanent      Salary: £ 35000 - £ 50000

In the role of a Firmware Engineer, your primary responsibilities will involve creating firmware and software for both new and established products. You'll collaborate within a project team, actively participating in design-related discussions and tasks, as well as product testing and assessment. Beyond coding, you will play a crucial role in offering task breakdowns and precise estimates to aid in project and product delivery planning. We are looking for engineer who possesses expertise in programming at the low-level for embedded systems, utilising programming languages like C and C++
Possess 2-3 years of experience in commercial programming.
 Demonstrate robust skills in Embedded C and C++ Design and Development.
Display familiarity with diagnostic tools and measurement equipment.
Show proficiency in interpreting hardware schematics and data sheets
Experience in Keil, FreeRTOS, Python, Linux, Boost, MATLAB (Simulink), GNU Make, QT framework, Realtime OS programming
Create, develop, and test firmware for both new and existing products.
Engage in design-related discussions and activities as a part of a project team.
Fabricate test software and procedures, which encompass unit and function test automation. Produce comprehensive and precise user and design documentation.
Partake in design architecture and code reviews.

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