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Pressure Systems Test Engineer
Permanent      Salary: £ 38000 - £ 45000

You will be responsible for evaluating test equipment and test set-up requirements with the aim of conducting the design of such equipment, encompassing Test Site Propellant and Pressurant feed systems.
This role involves overseeing fabrication, and assembly of Test Site Pressurant feed systems. Additionally, you will be tasked with developing equipment setup, checkout, and maintenance plans, as well as crafting product test procedures.
Key requirements:
BSc degree in Mechanical, Aeronautical or Aerospace Engineering or BSc Degreeg rocket engines, fluidic control systems, and space standa in Physics First-hand knowledge of designing and developinrd engineering
Mechanical fitter or practical hands-on engineering skills preferably gained from within an engineering related organisation
understanding of chemical rocket engineering
Key responsibilities:
Acquire a comprehensive understanding of rocket engines, thrusters, fluidic control systems, and engineering standards for space applications.
Develop and create test equipment, including the design of test equipment and test setup requirements, which involves identifying key components.
Manage the procurement, fabrication, and assembly of Test Site Propellant and Pressurant feed systems.

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